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, 2016

After finishing their residencies in Toronto, Wong and his wife, pediatric respirologist Dr. Zoe Nugent were eager to settle down and start their medical practice while finding a more family oriented community in which to raise their young children. ?Hospital-wise, we both wanted to start a community practise somewhere where we could both use our subspecialty training,? says Wong. ?For myself, that was upper extremity orthopedics and for Zoe, it was to establish a pediatric respiratory and asthma clinic.? ?PRHC actively recruited us and we were impressed with their vision and desire to establish PRHC as a regional centre,? he adds. ?The hospital was able to provide state of the art equipment to establish an upper extremity program, efforts that were strongly supported by an enthusiastic and generous community.? Another important factor in their decision to come to Peterborough and practice at Peterborough Regional Health Centre was the hospital?s desire to provide the region with comprehensive orthopedic care, as well as supportive orthopedic colleagues. ?I am fortunate to join an orthopedic group and hospital who have made my transition to practise here easy,? says Wong. Thanks to that vision, many PRHC patients can now have their treatment closer to home. ?We are doing many types of surgery that were previously not offered before at PRHC, whether it is joint replacement or sports medicine arthroscopic surgeries of the shoulder and arm,? he says. ?The practice has already become busy, reflecting that we have helped fulfill the needs of the community.? The orthopedic team is the busiest surgical division in the hospital and provides both elective and emergency trauma care for the region,

PRHC Physician Profile

Dr. King Wong

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. King Wong grew up living abroad, but when it came time for him and his wife to choose a place to work and raise their young family, Peterborough became their destination of choice.

drawing patients from as far north and south as Haliburton to Port Hope, as well as east to west from Bancroft to Port Perry. ?The fact that we?re doing this type of surgery and reaching patients from other regions speaks volumes,? Wong adds. ?People are choosing to come to PRHC for the quality and type of surgery we offer.? Wong says there is something else that became apparent after he had been in his new role a while, something that he considers fundamental to his job satisfaction: the way people ?on the ground? at the hospital support one another. ?It?s rare to find the kind of atmosphere we have here at a hospital this size,? he explains. ?Working at PRHC is enjoyable: all the way from the nursing staff, to the clerical staff, our team members are collegial, friendly, and supportive.? To the extent that sometimes, during a weekend on-call shift, the nurses will invite him to the nursing station for a cooked Sunday breakfast. ?You don?t find that kind of support just anywhere,? Wong says. That?s particularly important to both Wong and Nugent: he says what they want most is work-life balance ? a hospital busy enough to provide a robust practice, and a community small enough to offer proximity to the outdoors and no long commutes ? especially critical given their desire to get home quickly after work to see their four-year-old twins. ?Really, this has come together perfectly for us, but also for the patients who are so much better served now,? Wong says, just hours before he takes his twins to the zoo to celebrate their birthdays. ?And it wouldn?t have been possible without the will of the hospital, and the support of this community.? PRHC Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. King Wong with his wife Pediatric Respirologist Dr. Zoe Nugent. In fact, without the support of the community, Wong and Nugent might have had no choice but to go elsewhere. When the pair were interviewing prospective hospitals there was a serious barrier to Wong?s ability to practise here. Despite liking the facility and feeling that Peterborough and the Kawarthas would be a good fit, no one had practised upper-extremity orthopedic surgery at PRHC and some of the vital tools Wong needed to perform the specialized procedures simply weren?t

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Murad Younis, Doctor of Pharmacy Maha Younis, BSc Pharm & Certified Diabetes Educator Marwah Younis, BSc Pharm & Certified Diabetes Educator

available. With the support of PRHC Foundation, however, PRHC was able to purchase the equipment Wong needed to offer orthopedic services previously not delivered in Peterborough. ?I?m really grateful to the community for their support,? says Wong. ?Because of them, we have equipment that makes it possible for us to do quite advanced procedures, and keep patients who otherwise were travelling to Kingston or Toronto, right here at home.? Your donations bring new life-saving technology and services to your community. They also help attract and retain expert doctors, nurses and staff by funding the equipment they need to deliver world-class patient care. On behalf of PRHC?s patients and their loved ones, the PRHC Foundation would like to thank Dr. Wong for his commitment to outstanding patient care at Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

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