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PRHC Physician Profile

Dr. Peter McLaughlin

New PRHC Interim CEO combining clinical care and administrative leadership to bring the best possible patient care to Peterborought Regional Health Centre

When it comes to medicine, Dr. Peter McLaughlin?s first love will always be the heart. That?s no surprise given he?s spent his career doing what he loves most ? delivering outstanding and innovative cardiac care wherever his skills are needed most. Graduating from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, Dr. McLaughlin spent the next six years honing his chosen specialty in Toronto, Ottawa and at the Stanford University Medical Centre in Palo Alto, California, where great strides were being made in new techniques to diagnose and treat heart disease. Upon completing his specialty training he returned to Toronto General Hospital (now University Health Network) where he helped pioneer and perfect new interventional cardiology techniques and treatments for congenital heart disease in adults. ?It was a very exciting time to work in the field of cardiology,? says Dr. McLaughlin. ?New techniques were being developed and improved upon every day, allowing patients who would otherwise have required major surgery to be treated with a relatively simple, minimally invasive heart catheterization procedure.? ?We had patients in their 70s and 80s who had lived with the debilitating effects of congenital heart disease for many years, who were suddenly able to do things and live in a way they?d never been able to before,? he adds. ?As a physician, there?s no greater reward than to be given the opportunity to not only save or improve one patient?s life, but to improve patient care for many patients, both present and future.? In 2002, Dr. McLaughlin began commuting to PRHC several days a week to work in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, later coming on board permanently as the new Chief of Staff in 2005. While the opportunity to bring cardiac stenting to PRHC and help build a new regional cardiac program was definitely part of the appeal, it was the people who attracted the renowned physician to PRHC. ?PRHC is full of dedicated, expert, compassionate healthcare professionals,? says Dr. McLaughlin. ?From the housekeepers who are our first line Dr. Peter McLaughlin, Cardiologist and Interim CEO of Peterborough Regional Health Centre of defense against hospital acquired infection, to the doctors, nurses and staff across many specialties who treat our patients, to the volunteers who fulfill so many vital roles, we?re all part of a team and everyone has a role to play in delivering the kind of patient care the people of our community and region deserve.? Now, the former VP and Chief Medical Officer has embarked on a new chapter of his illustrious career, taking on a role that he says his experience as a physician and administrative leader has helped prepare him for - that of PRHC?s new Interim Chief Executive Officer. ?In addition to my work with patients,? he adds, ?over the years I?ve been fortunate to have had many opportunities to acquire the skills required to provide leadership on the administrative side as well, both in my role as Chief of Staff, and as Vice President overseeing a variety of portfolios from lab, pharmacy and diagnostic imaging, to the emergency department and infection control. It?s exhilarating to have the opportunity now to bring these skills together with my clinical background and apply them to my role as Interim CEO of PRHC.

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?As a physician and now Interim CEO, there?s no doubt my primary focus remains the patient,? says Dr. McLaughlin. ?There?s a natural fit between those two roles. As a physician you are trained to diagnose and solve problems and that approach is very helpful on the administrative side, too. But it?s more than that. The two skill sets, the two philosophies for the way of looking at things, are a good match. Yes, in this new role as Interim CEO there are always challenges to be faced but to me they are opportunities. They?re opportunities to do something better and I look forward to working with the rest of the amazing team here at PRHC to do just that while in this role.? Your donations bring new lifesaving services to your community. They also help attract and retain expert doctors, nurses and staff by funding the equipment and technology they need to deliver the care we all want for the people we love. On behalf of patients and their loved ones, the PRHC Foundation would like to thank Dr. McLaughlin for his commitment to outstanding patient care at Peterborough Regional Health Centre and wish him the very best of luck in his new role as Interim CEO.

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